Keep an eye open for this new scam technique...

  Watch out for this one, folks. Just got this in my email - and unsubscribing in the way highlighted (highlight added by me) would be EXACTLY what they want you to do!


Well, the scam works like this - hackers and tricksters write a program that 'guesses' email addresses.

If you respond 'unsubscribe' - the baddies' program tells them they got a hit, like Battleship! Now they know your name, email address, and perhaps more - depending on what you have in your email signature.

If you respond, the attacks against you will continue, but they then use that information they have to get even more tricky, addressing you by name, as if you should know who they are!

Here's how this works for them, a big percentage of the time: Did you read the email? Notice how nonsensical it is? Who wouldn't want to unsubscribe?

And that's how they get you. If your email app has a 'mark as spam' or similar button, click that on emails like this, and don't respond! Stay safe out there, folks!

If you've fallen victim to this, reach out to me through this form, by clicking here.

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