Why are so many computers terrible?

I help people a lot for free online, through forum boards. This question came up (in so many words) and I answered. I think it provides a unique look into computer companies - and serves to well inform your technology purchases.

I have reproduced the questions and my answers with some edits for clarity and family friendliness below.


Ok so longstory short I bought a laptop from (pick a company) and when I get it its working fine for the first couple of months until the battery stops working and the computer wont turn on I send it in for repair and it takes like a month to get back, when it comes back they sent it back black and decreased my ram of 4GB to 2GB And the computer got slower it was terrible all my programs were crashing and next thing I know they also decreased the already very low 32GB I had to 14GB I was ****** at that point I call them up and send it in for repair AGAIN and it takes EVEN LONGER to repair it comes back in the mail like 2 months later and it was exactly the same except they wiped it I am SO MAD Right now as they refuse to refund it and I'm stuck with it don't buy from (pick a company) they will RIP YOU OFF, WASTE YOUR TIME, AND NOT EVEN GIVE A **** ABOUT YOU AS THE LOYAL CUSTOMER WHO BOUGHT THEIR MACHINE

Sidestory: When I called them AGAIN they said I needed to buy premium care for them to take my laptop again LIKE **** AM I NOT A "premium" CUSTOMER TO YOU????


As someone who used to work as an outsourced Tier 2 tech and trainer at a callcenter in the US, I can explain your experience. It is and isn't (pick a company).

It's every brand but Apple (who has huge profit margins on new equipment). Every. Brand.

(PS I say this as someone who isn't an Apple fan. I run a small local computer shop now that services whatever)

Here's what happened. As these businesses got bigger, they bought the smaller manufacturers and after those sales found that people didn't need to buy that many computers. They did two things to cut cost and stay in business.

Outsourced everything. You will never speak on the phone to a Dell, Lenovo, or Razer employee. If you reach someone who claims to be support for one of those, they likely 'work for' all three from the same chair. Most of these places get 'repaired' on an assembly line by unskilled laborers in Temple, TX.

They released crap computers and marked them up. If you buy a PC in a real store for under $600 - it's garbage. Know a nerd? They'll hook you up for less than that!

As an IT guy, I pretend the warranty doesn't exist, unless it's third-party through squaretrade or the like. I also never buy new. My whole setup with like three computers and a great smartphone all cost under 1k.


why dont you buy new? wouldn't a newer unit have less major issues than one which was returned and refurbished?


Nope. In fact, it may have less. Here's two facts:

Your 'new' computer may have parts from machines that were sent back.

Competition is so heated, most manufacturers would rather rush a design to production, rather than putting it through proper testing or QC.

So, when you get a refurbished model that has been out a year or two(or three or five), you know if any issues have been consistent with that model through reviews and complaints online - and, since new models have used parts sometimes, you are essentially getting a quality control tested device that will last you, for sometimes less than half the MSRP.

This isn't conjecture - it's effectively why business-grade computers have a cult following.


Don't understand your reasoning behind new products having parts from another product which was returned. Why would manufacturers do this since the unit will come back again for servicing owing to recurring issues?


They put the parts that they believe still work in them. When a computer breaks, it's usually just a part or two.

Sometimes they're wrong.

I hope you find this useful! I sell computers that I can personally trust (business grade) to consumers locally. 

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