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New Scam: Brad Pitt Dead?

A new celebrity death scam reared its ugly head.

New 'IRS' scam with CP2000 forms

There is an insidious new IRS scam doing the rounds.

Keep an eye open for this new scam technique...

  Watch out for this one, folks. Just got this in my email - and unsubscribing in the way highlighted (highlight added by me) would be EXACTLY what they want you to do!

Why I use iPhone, and Why I Hope the Google Pixel will Change That

      I've mentioned in my previous post," Are Updates Actually Important? "  that my mobile platform of choice (currently) is iOS - limiting my options to iPhone and iPad - no Motos or Galaxies for me. Not that I don't want them - it's a side-effect of knowing the huge security disadvantage of Android that caused me to recently switch to an iPhone.