How to Fix Trackpad or Touchpad speed in Linux Mint (Specifically for ThinkPad xx40+ models)

This one is simple, but it took me forever to find an answer - so I'm sharing the answer.

You might have noticed your trackpad or touchpad was too sensitive or fast in Linux Mint, especially on your newer ThinkPad - but not on other distros like KDE Neon or Ubuntu 18.10.

Turns out - those other distros are simply running a newer version of libinput or the kernel.

To fix it:

On a clean install of Mint: Run System Update, and do NOT attempt to change any mouse speed settings before doing this - I suspect that those changed values will be respected rather than the new ones. Install all updates and reboot.

On an existing install, I can only hope that setting your mouse/trackpad settings to default and THEN updating everything will work.


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