On real-estate phishing scams...

Heads up -
There is an epidemic of real-estate related phishing scams going on. 

Bad guys silently take over the email address of a home buyer or their realtor / lawyer, and right at the moment that a large amount of money needs to get wired for closing, they send a fake email with a different bank account that the bad guys control.

Always, always, always pick up the phone before you make a large transfer and get confirmation about the correct bank account that the wire goes to. This is true for the house, but also the office.

Realtors (and really anyone in a position that requires email - there was a famous one last year!) can help stop this nonsense by ONLY emailing clients from their business email address. This allows clients to more easily know what address to trust, and not just blindly trust anything with your signature.

Don't know how to use your business email? Time to hit up your IT team and learn. A minor inconvenience is no longer excuse for willful ignorance that can cost you or your organization money, time, legal battles, and client trust. Most companies are hit not because the hacks are works of genius - but rather, because they left the door wide open and someone noticed.

Telling yourself,"We're too small to be targeted," is not an excuse either. Hacking is now done automatically by many groups, and at scale. The robots don't care how big you are - just that you have a bank account at all that it can send back home.
If you need security consulting for your business, reach out. Business-class security training, consulting, and assistance with hiring an IT team are all things we handle for you.

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