Why I'm Upgrading To Windows 8 - and Why You Shoudn't

Or rather, "Why You Shouldn't - Unless You Have a Tablet".

Windows 8 is a touchscreen-centric operating system, the only real advantages of upgrading exist there.

While there are some small speed improvements, you should really just think about getting a Solid State Drive instead.

I'm upgrading because I need to be familiar with the latest. This is my field - technology. You won't need to know it unless you share my choice of field - simply because it won't be the go-to OS for businesses.

That's what XP and 7 are for. This is for tablets.

I'm upgrading primarily because I have a SSD I want to take full use of now, and I'd rather upgrade to 8 at the same time.

I'll be using the Release Preview (more here) and upgrading to the full version of 8 Pro when it comes out in October. It actually doesn't expire until January of 2013, which is pretty nice too.

Since I'll be using it on a touchscreen-less laptop, I'll be using these tweaks to bypass the Start Screen.

Back to work.

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